Keeley Caverns Delay & Reverb v2 Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Caverns Delay Reverb V2 from Robert Keeley Electronics is a dual-effect pedal combining delay and reverb for the perfect end to any pedal board.It features Keeley’s renowned analog-style tape delay with modulation options. The 650ms of warm delay combine with Spring, Shimmer or Modulated Reverb. Caverns now comes with a True-Bypass or Trails option giving you the freedom to create huge caverns of sounds and lets them ring out even after you turn the pedal off. Because of its small and compact design with top-mounted jacks, the New Caverns V2 is a perfect fit for any fly-rig or small board where you have tight space requirements, and it also now has a more open and logical control layout with more space between the foot switches. The New Caverns Delay Reverb V2 is entirely built in the US, by Keeley’s veteran crew who proudly build the most reliable and road-worthy gear.

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