TC Electronic Polytune 3 Tuner Guitar Pedal

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About this product

The original PolyTune was the world's first polyphonic tuner and changed the way people look at tuning. Its polyphonic tuning allowed you to strum all the strings and instantly see which ones were out. The tuning magnet feature slowed of the needle as you approached the correct pitch. The MonoPoly technology sensed whether you played one or six strings and instantly adjusted accordingly. The PolyTune 2, added some cool new features such as the strobe tuner, a bigger, brighter LED display, and total recall to store your tuning preferences. Now Polytune 3 adds even more to the mix with the acclaimed BonaFide Buffer which ensures that your signal - and therefore your tone - remains pristinely preserved over long cable runs and complex pedal setups. You can select True Buffer mode or True Bypass which allows for your tone to flow unaffected when the pedal is bypassed and for silent tuning once engaged.

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