Pioneer PLX-1000 Professional Turntable

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About this product

The Pioneer PLX-1000 Professional DJ Turntable represents the new frontier of spinning vinyl technology. A serious piece of gear for audiophiles looking to boost their collection's standard, the PLX-1000 remains easy to buy and completely accessible to use. A high torque direct drive system provides great and stable rotation that makes the PLX-1000 ideal for withstanding any type of shows, the most demanding ones in particular. Built from heavy mass die-cast zinc, not to mention boasting a 8mm thick resin lower body and a 9mm thick base created from vibration damping material, the PLX-1000 expands on the strength in construction that has driven many Pioneer products in the past. Added stability, thanks to a rough surface on the underside of the turntable, and implemented tools to minimize noise from external vibrations makes the DJing experience better and smoother than before with the PLX-1000; let Pioneer guide your DJing prowess into a whole new arena.

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