LR Baggs Session DI Acoustic Guitar Preamp

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About this product

For decades, L.R. Baggs have been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of acoustic pickups, microphones, and preamps that provide the very best amplification solutions for acoustic musicians. Their products have become the standard factory fitted equipment in many of the most respected instrument brands including Gibson, Ibanez, Cort and Seagull, and dozens of smaller boutique guitar makers use L.R. Baggs systems as the default solution for providing electro-acoustic options on their instruments.

The Session D.I. adds a richness to your live sound that you'd normally only get in a recording situation using some of the world’s finest studio gear and an experienced engineer. A series of simple one-knob controls lets you shape your sound instantly. Saturation adds warmth, dimension, and pleasing harmonics, while 3 bands of compression respond in real-time to your playing style to tame problematic frequencies and bring out the true voice of your guitar. An onboard VU meter lets you maintain a clean signal and the mute switch is very handy for changing guitars on stage. The Session D.I. has both 1/4" jack and balanced XLR outputs.

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