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Hal Leonard Killer Pentatonics For Guitar Book with CD

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About this product

If you are looking to improve or enhance your guitar playing skills, Hal Leonard's Killer Pentatonics for Guitar manual will have your knowledge heightened in no time. Guitarists can learn more about playing the pentatonic scale quickly and easily under the instruction of guitar teacher and host Dave Celentano, as the Guitar Book (with included CD) covers a variety of diverse ways of playing the scale in the rock and heavy metal genres. Covered throughout the course of the Guitar Book are the five postion patterns for the pentatonic scale itself, string bending, two-hand tapping pentatonics, sequences, connecting the scale patterns, string skipping, rhythm backing tracks and more, all included so the guitarist using the manual can be rehearsing their own solos to great effect. A complete pentatonic solo has also been incorporated into the instructional guide, played over backing tracks, so the student can take in the whole experience this Guitar Book has to offer. All the examples are notated in tablature and included on the DVD as a downloadable and printable PDF file, making hands on and easy learning with this Hal Leonard product easier than ever.

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