Gretsch CM1-E825-WG Catalina Maple 5-Piece Drum Shell Kit(22inch Bass), Walnut Glaze

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About this product

(Cymbals & hardware not included)

Whether you're talking about drum shells or guitars, maple is an astonishingly musical and versatile tonewood. It has a fast, dynamic response thats lets the ubtle details of your playing shine through, and a wide tonal range that's suitable for any musical style and perfect for recording in the studio.The Gretsch Catalina Maple 5-piece shell pack sports 7-ply maple shells which will give you that exact explosive sound and balanced tone. The fast response and vibrant sound make this an exceptional kit for any style and a great setup for recording studios. You get two rack toms and one floor tom, a 5.5" x 14" snare, and a 16" x 22" kick drum. Catalina Maple features 7-ply shells with 30-degree bearing edges, which give you that lively round tone that Gretsch drums are well known for. 

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