Fender Super Sonic 22 Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier, Black, UK

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About this product

Fender's commitment to the highest quality extends to every product that bears the name and sports the famous logo, from guitars to amps to accessories. The Fender Super-Sonic 22 amp offers 22 watts of guitar power, for punishing distorted sound with more dedicated tone and bass frequency. With two channels and a handful of stellar tubes, your guitar tone will instantly be taken to new heights of chunky meaty guitar-shredders nirvana. Designed with the feel and moderate output power of the legendary Deluxe Reverb amp,the Vintage channel pushes out pure, unmistakable Fender tone, while the Burn channel gives you overdrive flavours ranging from bluesy to all out incineration, all without masking the tonal character of your guitar. With it's black/silver covering, ivory "radio" knobs and flowing 1960s script logo, the Super-Sonic 22 looks every bit as cool as it sounds!

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