Fender Amplifiers Artist Signature Eric Clapton Twinolux Guitar Tube Amplifier, Tweed

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About this product

Eric Clapton is a guitarist whose reputation has long preceded him. Having had a long running relationship with Fender, the iconic guitar line has introduced a signature series of amplifiers - the EC Series.

Built to the exact specifications of Clapton's unique style, the Twinolux Guitar Tube Amplifier is a great move by Fender in answering the call for a special model amp with distinctive features in the mix. The amp is brimming with unique personality that has made the Twinolux a prime and popular choice of amp for Clapton fans and guitarists alike - a perfect amplifier for anyone who wants to get the most out their tube performance. Highlighted features include a hand-wired all-tube circuitry on an eyelet board with premium components, a circuit based on the late-1950s Fender Twin amp model, a single channel with high gain and low gain inputs and more. Producing a full bodied and pure voice, the modified electronics and unique stylings of the EC series make this a guitar tube amplifier you're going to want in your collection without delay.

Amplifiers have long been a trademark of the Fender sonic legacy and with the EC series, it seems fitting that the iconic American brand has linked up with one of popular music's most well-known players in delivering a signature line that will not be forgotten.

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