DiMarzio DP381BK Fast Track T Singlecoil Guitar Pickup, Black

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About this product

First introduced in 1994, DiMarzio's Fast Track T is a replacement bridge pickup for Telecasters. Its hot tone is perfect for overdriving tube amps. The Fast Track T has that classic single-coil "snap and twang" by the truckload, more than you'd expect a humbucker to have (and it is, essentially, a humbucker). The twin-blade configuration provides a magnetic field that creates an extremely even string-to-string balance , eliminating the "magnetic pull" effect of regular pole pieces that can make a guitar sound out of tune. The result more sustain, cleaner highs and tighter bass. It may not look like a traditional Telecaster bridge pickup, but if you're after superb hum-free performance, it's the ideal upgrade for your Tele.

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