DiMarzio DP227BK LiquiFire Humbucker Guitar Pickup, Black

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About this product

Best used in the neck position, the LiquiFire is one of the newest collaborations between DiMarzio and John Petrucci. The legendary guitarist made use of it throughout Dream Theater's tenth studio album, resulting in high praise and him naming this very special humbucker as instrumental in providing the best live and studio sound he has ever had.DiMarzio helped engineer this humbucker because John wanted a neck pickup with a flowing, singing solo tune when used with a heavily overdriven amp, smoothing out the rough textures while also providing a clear chord sound when used with the clean amp setting. In addition, the humbucker features a treble response that's incredibly warm and smooth, balanced with a bass response that is tighter, brighter and significantly more vibrant. This results in an overall sound that has a more focused voice which works equally well for highly overdriven solos and complex, clean chords. This model comes in a Black finish, looking stunning in any set up.

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