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DiMarzio DP224W Andy Timmons Humbucker Guitar Pickup, White

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About this product

DiMarzio is best known around the world for their superb direct replacement guitar pickups which can completely transform an otherwise mediocre low-end guitar into a force to be reckoned with. They have long been the household name for outstanding pickups with renowned users such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert. The company also produces other high-quality guitar accessories, such as cables, straps and an array of hardware and components.

“A player’s player” is how fellow guitarists have described Andy Timmons. He is well known for his touch, phrasing, and tone. DiMarzio pickups have been integral to his tone since 2001. His DiMarzio custom bridge humbucker has only been available on his signature Ibanez guitar– until now. The outstanding characteristics of the DiMarzio DP224AT-1 are balance, warmth, and clarity. It achieves this blend with the same patented technology as the PAF 36th Anniversary model but produces a hotter, more rock focussed sound.

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