Digitech CabDryVR Dual Cabinet Simulator Guitar Pedal

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About this product

The DigiTech CabDryVR speaker cabinet simulator pedal puts the sound of a miked-up speaker cabinet right on your pedalboard, allowing you to get the sound of the big stage directly into your DAW, mixing board, or in-ear monitors. Dual independent inputs and outputs offer you the flexibility of dialling in two distinct cabinet models or sending one dry signal to your amplifier while sending the simulated speaker cab signal directly to your audio interface for recording, or to a direct box for the PA system.

With 7 guitar and 6 bass cabinet impulse responses to choose from, the patented Cabinet Tuning control adjusts the depth of the cab, and there's an output level control on each channel. You can also run separate IR models on each channel - giving you the effect of having two different cabinets miked up, but without hauling so much gear around! The CabDRY VR is True Bypass so it won't colour your original signal, and it can be removed from the chain when using piezo pickups.

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