BOSS CEB-3 Chorus Bass Effects Pedal

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About this product

The perfect chorus pedal for bassists everywhere, the CEB-3 Chorus Bass Effects Pedal offers precision and high quality for its user.

Specifically designed for the bass guitar, the CEB-3 refrains from changing low bass frequencies while applying chorus sounds to the high frequencies.

Add extra levels of warmth and richness to your bass tones with a pedal offering a special split-frequency chorus effect.

Tonal shaping of the bass frequencies is another of CEB-3's fine features, with the Effect Level, Low Filter, Rate and Depth knobs all offering the user different avenues to mould and effect their sounds.

Ready for both the live stage and the studio, the CEB-3 pedal stands out as an important element of any bassist's set up

  • Effects Type: Bass Effects