The Music Of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (In Four Contemporarys) - Imogen Heap (Vinyl)

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About this product

This is double 180gm vinyl LP pressing (in gatefold jacket The Music of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - the internationally acclaimed stage production - written, composed, performed and recorded by Grammy and Ivor Novello Award-winner Imogen Heap. Also included in the deluxe vinyl edition is an 8-page, large-format booklet containing production shots and commentary from Imogen Heap and key members of the production's creative team. 

Label: Masterworks

Release Year: 2019

Track List:

Disc 1

  1. Platform 9 3/4
  2. The Hogwarts Express
  3. Welcome to Hogwarts
  4. Wand Dance
  5. Albus Severus Potter
  6. The Blanket
  7. Hut on the Rock
  8. A Malfoy
  9. Anything from the Trolley, Dears?
  10. Ministry of Magic
  11. St. Oswald's
  12. Wizarding World
  13. Shadows and Spirits

Disc 2

  1. Privet Drive
  2. McGonagall's Office
  3. The Forbidden Forest
  4. Edge of the Forest
  5. Dragons!
  6. Dumbledore
  7. Staircase Ballet
  8. The Duel
  9. Invisibility Cloak
  10. Moaning Myrtle
  11. Scorpius Alone

Disc 3

  1. A World of Darkness
  2. Another Hogwarts
  3. Dementors
  4. Expecto Patronum
  5. In Trouble (Again)
  6. Slytherin Dormitory
  7. The Owlery
  8. A New Prophecy
  9. The Augurey

Disc 4

  1. Extraordinary General Meeting
  2. Godric's Hollow
  3. Paint and Memory
  4. Something Written
  5. The Final Battle
  6. The Arrival
  7. Lily and James
  8. Burning Bed
  9. A Nice Day
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