Roland VP-7 Vocal Processor

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About this product

Background vocals are now no long a worry for any keyboardist needing to add the little extra punch. Able to create harmonies brilliantly, the VP-7 Vocal Processor offers its user a rich and expressive vocal choral backing with no singing at all required. Simply bring a microphone and a MIDI connection to the keyboard in play and select a sound type from the front panel to get cracking.

The VP-7's Vocal Designer section has the ability to generate 2 or 3 voice backing harmonies simply based on the lyrics sung into the connected microphone. With dedicated buttons introduced for instant access to the processor's preset sounds, it offers ease of control to the user as well as vast expressiveness.

Affordable and perfect for a musician who dabbles in a wide variety of music genres, the VP-7 can be used in environments for soloists or small groups, where a real-time backing chorus may be needed in studio or beyond.

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