Pearl RFP-1414FC-103 14x14inch Reference Pure Floor Tom, Piano Black

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Pearl drums and hardware have been the choice of thousands of drummers for many years. The Pearl Reference Series was designed to give drummers a complete set of individually engineered drums, with each drum designed to respond specifically within its respective frequency without compromise over any other areas of the kit.

The Reference Pure Series uses the same shell composition formula, the same number and type of wood plies, and targeted bearing edges to create a thinner shelled, highly resonant, lower mass version of the originals. Only 0.9mm plies are used, with thin plies of maple covering the outside of each drum, and inner plies of birch or mahogany being progressively used as the drum size decreases or increases respectively. All Reference Pure drums have super low-mass STL Tube Lugs and thin Fat Tone Hoops which are both lightweight and extremely strong to promote maximum resonance. Beginning with the 13" tom and larger, mahogany is added to the inner plies to increase the lower frequencies and accentuate the warmth of the Maple. The 14" floor toms and larger have a fully rounded bearing edge for even more shell contact.

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