Natal NCSC03RW Fibreglass Conga, Red-White

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About this product

In 1958, renowned British percussionist Alan Sharp was unable to find the instruments he wanted, so he started making them himself. The quality of what he built resulted in orders flooding in and eventually led to the formation of the Natal Percussion Company in 1965. Today Alan’s legacy is continued in a stunning range of British designed drums, and hardware. When you buy a Natal product, you're getting an instrument of the highest quality, designed to make you the best musician you can be, no matter your age or playing level.

The Natal Classic Series of bongos and congas takes the process of manufacturing percussion instruments back to old school methods by using the original shell moulds of the 1960s and '70s, and even the badge is a homage to the original. Every instrument is complete with classy steel 'comfort hoop' rims, heavy-duty tuning bolts and hand lapped Aquarian heads.

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