Keeley Rotten Apple OpAmp Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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About this product

To pay tribute to alt-rock's most iconic fuzz pedal, Robert Keeley researched and determined that it must have been a silver-boxed V4 — the op-amp version — and so modeled the tones in his Rotten Apple after that vintage. He modernized the circuit for quieter operation, gnarlier distortion, and a smoother op-amp response. This pedal's filtering provides the thick, dreamy tones that rockers have been seeking for decades. The Rotten Apple is dynamically sensitive dialed back yet authentically aggressive opened up. So whether you're holding chords or octuple-tracking solos, this pedal is primed to please with '90s aggression. A 3-way Tone toggle provides flexible midrange shaping.The Rotten Apple is entirely built in the US, by Keeley’s veteran crew who proudly build the most reliable and road-worthy gear.

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