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Ibanez TBX65R Tone Blaster X Electric Guitar Amplifier

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About this product

The Ibanez TBX65R Guitar Combo Amp, with its 65W 12" speaker has enough power to smoke the house. Part of Ibanez's Toneblaster X series amps, it features two discrete channels with separate 3-band EQs, switchable boost on the hot channel and a parametric midrange on channel 2 which allows you to to dial in the tone you're looking for in an instant. The exclusive X mode gives you a super heavy moster sound for cut through the din of the loudest rhythm section. If you dial down the gain control in the normal channel, and you can achieving anything from a clean jazz tone to a crunchy, slightly overdriven rock ?n roll tone. This closed-back cab also comes with a headphone/record out and CD/MP3 input. It weighs a comfortable 42lb.

  • Cabinet Type: Closed back
  • Effects: Reverb
  • EQ: 2 separate 3-band active EQs with parametric midrange in the second channel
  • Inputs: Guitar in, 1/4" CD/MP3 input jack, Channel and Reverb footswitch jack
  • Model: TBX65R
  • No. of Channels: Two discreet channels
  • Outputs: 1/4" Headphones/Record Out jack
  • Speaker: 12" Speaker
  • Total Power: 65W
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