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Gibson IMMHT-CH Mini-Humbucker Treble Pickup with Chrome Cover

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About this product

Humbuckers do not all sound alike, despite the common misconception that they do. Gibson has a range of humbucking pickups available, each model with it's own distinctive personality. The Gibson Mini Humbucker pickup gives you the performance of a Gibson humbucker with a unique tone. It originally appeared on some Epiphone guitars of the 1950s and '60s, and was susequently first introduced as a standard on Gibson guitars with the 1969 Les Paul Deluxe model. Today's version comes in both neck and bridge position versoins and has all the functionality of Gibson's legendary humbuckers, producing a a bright, focused tone. It also has classic vintage touches such as coated enamel wire, maple spacers, adjustable pole pieces, bar Alnico II magnets, and vintage braided lead wire. Putting a pair of Mini Humbuckers into your guitar will instantly transform it to produce THAT Gibson tone!

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