Fender FSR 65 Princeton Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier, Brown, 230V UK

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About this product

Fender's commitment to the highest quality extends to every product that bears the name and sports the famous logo, from guitars to amps to accessories and their extensive range of gifts and lifestyle products. This reissue Fender '65 Princeton Reverb tube guitar amplifier brings back the classic vibe and tone of the legendary original. At home, in the studio, or in smaller live settings, the '65 Princeton Reverb shines. With 15 watts going into a single, specially voiced Jensen 10" speaker for a range of incredible all tube guitar tones, you can plug straight in for that inimitable Fender clean tone, or generate your own signature sounds with your favorite effects pedals. You also get great-sounding vibrato and, of course, reverb onboard the incredible '65 Princeton Reverb.

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