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Fender Amplifiers Vintage Reissue 65 Twin Custom 15 Guitar Tube Amplifier, Black

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About this product

The new customised version of the Fender 65 Twin Reverb tube amplifier ensures the guitarist delivers sounds that remain loud, clear and strong. Using the 85 watt chassis of the original, this vintage reissue has modified the cabinet slightly and features a single 15" speaker instead of the original pair of 12s. The speaker itself is based on the JBL D130F previously used by Fender in the 60s and 70s, while the large voice coil and shallow cone delivers a precise and sharp tone that many guitarists and guitar enthusiasts will recognise as being associated with the Twin. The amplifier's heavy duty design makes it well and truly ready for all the demands of a regularly touring guitarist; a textured vinyl covering, silver grille cloth and nickel hardware ensure that this amplifier isn't going anywhere but where you need it to be. This model comes in Black.

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