Fender Amplifiers Vintage Reissue 59 Bassman LTD Guitar Tube Amplifier, Lacquered Tweed

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About this product

During the 1950s, the Fender Bassman stood out as the pinnacle amplifier for the Fender Precision Bass. The 50 watt rig offered the bass guitar the opportunity to shine on stage when surrounded by other electric guitars and percussion, fast becoming an amplifier of choice with many bass players of the day. It's a legacy and a high-quality tradition that continued right through into today's music industry - the Fender Vintage reissue of the 1959 Bassman LTD Guitar Tube Amplifier make look retro but make no mistake, the amp outperforms many of the fancy amps currently on the market. Remaining true to the original Fender Bassman amp, this revitalised vintage reissue has added several enhancements including GT-6L6 output tubes, improved 12AX7 preamp tubes and an internal bias pot, making it easier than ever to experiment with other output tubes. Featuring four 10-inch speakers bundles in a finger-jointed speaker cabinet, the Bassman also boasts an impressive original-spec 4AR4 rectifier tube for natural compression - perfect for bass players who go hard. This model comes in Lacquered Tweed.