Fender 57 Twin Tube Combo Amplifier, Tweed

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About this product

When you plug into the ’57 Twin Tube Combo Amp, you’re plugging into a piece of history. An update on the legendary tweed Pro that powered the birth and growth of rock ‘n’ roll, the hand-wired ’57 Twin Tube Combo Amp replicates this classic tone with style. Built around the original all-tube 5E8A circuit, it offers increased headroom, allowing you to generate  crisp, crystal-clear clean tones that Fender are known for. The addition of a presence control adds adjustable upper harmonic overdrive to dial in just the right amount of ’sizzle’ to your sound. The Twin Tube Combo Amp also sports the legendary looks of the original, with classic chickenhead control  top mounted knobs, leather handle and dual 1/4-in. input jacks to accommodate both low and high output instruments.

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