Elixir 16552 Optiweb Light Electric Guitar Strings, 10-46, 3-Pack

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About this product

Elixir strings are one of the most top selling strings on the market today, and for good reason. They come with Nanoweb and Polyweb coatings in a wide variety of string types and gauges to match any player's preference. The coating offers a balanced tone with a smooth responsive feel which reduces finger squeak while lasting 3-5 times longer than ordinary strings due to the coating providing protection from sweat and grime. This means you buy fewer sets of strings, and change them less often, saving your hard earned cash.

Now, Optiweb coating is the next step in the evolution of Elixir’s coated string technology. Designed for uncoated string players who felt that coated strings sacrifice a certain amount of feel and tone in exchange for longer life, Optiweb provides a coated string that lasts just as long as any other coating, but is virtually indistinguishable from a non-coated string in terms of tone and feel

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