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DiMarzio DP318GN Super Distortion T Singlecoil Guitar Pickup, Green

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About this product

Perfect for the bridge position in solid body guitars, the Super Distortion T is a singlecoil pickup that's been designed for those who want the high-output performance of the famous Super Distortion humbucker but at a reduced size. In shrinking the humbucker to a singlcoil but still retaining everything that made the original great, DiMarzio has made a few slight tweaks to the sound, adapting it for use in the classic slanted bridge position. A few slight changes have reworked the treble response so that it's smoother but just as clear, while the bass response is tighter and more controlled. The profile benefits from it, and the sound musicians are able to squeeze from this singlecoil really opens up any style with notes of warmth and exceptional expressiveness.