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Suitable for all positions, the PAF 36th Anniversary is a substantial and refined humbucker from DiMarzio designed very carefully to capture everything that is great about a vintage humbucker. That means this very valuable pickup features a soft and smooth magnetic field for improved sustain, a sweet tone, both clarity and warmth, and the ability to go from clean to distorted purely via pick attack. 

The sound this humbucker produces is very well-defined, tuned and carefully engineered by using Larry DiMarzio's very own 1959 Gibson Les Paul as a reference. The process has helped the company refine the pickups magnetic field to ensure strings vibrate longer, creating more complex tones that are full of glossy, vibrant lows and warm, powerful highs.

Further adding to the value, this humbucker allows the bass strings in the neck position to avoid muddiness, or if used on the bridge, fills the treble strings with a warm character that's far from brittle. 

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DiMarzio DP103FBK PAF 36th Anniversary Humbucker Guitar Pickup, F-spaced, Cream

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