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With the look of a standard humbucker but the functionality and raw power of a P90 as well as the hum-canceling wonder of an average humbucker, the Bluesbucker provides some serious character to any guitar which is built for a standard size pickup. This means the guitar doesn't need to be altered in any way, preserving natural function thanks to DiMarzio's patented Virtual Vintage and Airbucker technology. This allows the Bluesbucker perform similarly to a true single-coil, making sound extremely sensitive to playing dynamics. Position the hot coil of the Bluesbucker closer to the bridge and you'll get a sound that's brighter and more vibrant, compared to it you point the same coil towards the neck, in which case the sound is warmer. This versatility pushes the Bluesbucker as an adaptable and playful enhancement that helps with expression in ways you never thought possible. 

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DiMarzio DP-163FBK Bluesbucker Humbucker Guitar Pickup, F-Spaced, Black

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