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DiMarzio DP-111CR SDS-1 Singlecoil Guitar Pickup, Cream

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About this product

Designed for the bridge position, the SDS-1 Singlecoil Guitar Pickup is a beautiful enhancement that wields great power, adding a memorable punch, gain and warmth that mirrors the best of old soapbar pickups. Uniquely, the pickups adjustable pole pieces don't pull as hard as regular rod magnets, meaning that this pickup can be positioned closer to the strings to make for stronger, tougher output. As a result, the highs aren't as exaggerated as similar pickups, while the bottom maintains a deeper, darker tone. This makes the pickup perfect to help tame a guitar's bridge position when it may sound a bit too edgy, providing the push needed to really drive an amp. This model comes in an eye-catching Cream aesthetic, looking perfect in any set up.