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DiMarzio DP-103N PAF 36th Anniversary Humbucker Guitar Pickup, Nickel

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About this product

Characteristics of a great vintage humbucker are a soft magnetic field, sweet tone, perfect balance between warmth and clarity, the ability to go from clean to distorted by pick attack alone. For DiMarzio's PAF 36th Anniversary Neck Humbucker, the brief was to follow the path of pioneers such as Seth Lover (designer of the original Patent Applied For humbucker) and come up with a combination of the great characteristics, not just a clone. Their re-engineered PAF used Larry DiMarzio's own 1959 Les Paul as a reference. The resultant PAF 36th Anniversary Neck is smooth but not muddy and performs equally well in the neck or bridge, just as the best humbuckers from the 50s did.

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