BOSS ME-70 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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About this product

After an affordable, easy to use multi-effects unit that is perfect for small stages or sessions on the fly? Look no further than the BOSS ME-70 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal.

Upping the ante on the classic BOSS ME-50, the ME-70 is a user friendly unit that comes packed with a powerful COSM AMP section derived from the gutsy GT-10.

The Delay section of the ME-70 comes fitted with a dedicated Phrase Looper, giving you the opportunity to captivate your audience with some multi-layered greatness; play a riff, capture and loop it all live all in real time.

Boost tone with ease and efficiency; take the sound from the classic right to the edge. The knob laden design of the ME-70 means that dialing in tone, particularly with the EZ Tone feature, has gotten a lot easier. Offering the ease of a stompbox, the ME-70 is a convenient unit that can be easily manipulated with the simple press of a foot.

  • Effects Type: Multi Effects