AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ Headphones w/Mic Fools Gold Edition, Black/Yellow

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About this product

Designed in collaboration with several professional and world renowned DJ's, the Fools Gold edition to the popular TMA-1 DJ Headphones brings all the same beastly performance of the original, focused into a specialized piece of equipment for the hardworking musician, featuring a new colourway and special enhanced features that sit alongside the most celebrated models in the series. You can now choose to lock the cable to the TMA-1 so that it doesn't get pulled out while playing, an extra convenience when coupled with the angled stereo plug which makes it harder to accidentally pull the plug from the mixer when beat-mixing. A three-button microphone and two interchangeable pad types - synthetic and leather - make this an adaptable headphone, performing just as beautifully as the aesthetic, which is defined by an embossed Fool's Gold logo on the cup, a Fool's Gold trademark yellow cable, and an embossed AIAIAI and Fool's Gold label on the inside headband. 

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