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Widely considered to be one of Singapore’s early and influential guitar instrumentalists, Rosli released Singapore’ first full-fledge rock instrumental album, Dragged, and in 2010, produced his sophomore instrumental album Deeper Than Purple. The latter went on to be highly lauded by music reviewers on established publications such as TodayOnline, The Business Times and others.

Rosli carries with him a remarkable wealth and depth of experience as a music educator, as well as a composer and musician (live and studio) through his various collaborations with local artists. He founded and spearheaded the first guitarist collective in Singapore called “Fretboard Frenzy”, with the vision to heighten the profiles of local guitarists through workshops and performances.

Now Rosli is onboard with us not only as a Senior Instructor but he is also a Swee Lee Artist, deeply involved in workshops and product demonstrations. Concurrently, he works closely with the education and planning team to inspire the direction of the Academy.


Drums | Acoustic | Electric | Ukulele

Oliver developed a keen interest in acoustic and electric guitars, as well as the drums since his early years. And it was his growing passion for music and envisioning himself down the musical path that eventually saw him completing a degree in Music Business from SAE London.

Besides having live sound engineering experience, and teaching music at private schools and also MOE programmes, Oliver’s musicianship with various bands has given him numerous opportunities to perform local and international events such as Singapore Grand Prix. He is influenced by a wide number of genres, and it is his goal to be heard locally and internationally.


Bass | Acoustic | Electric | Ukulele

With 10 years in the local music scene and 15 years with the guitar instrument under his belt, making music his career seemed like a natural choice for Aaron.

A graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University in Music Technology, Aaron spent his internship with a UK recording studio teaching classes for kids and has also spent time in Kenya teaching underprivileged kids. These experiences convinced him to take up teaching, while at the same time continuing to explore and expand his musicianship by collaborating with other musicians...



Bo’s involvement with music began when he was 11 and played the bass and trumpet during his studying years. A few years later, he dedicated himself to mastering the drums, eventually bringing him to the teaching field where he has taught at several music schools and MOE programmes. Other than teaching, Bo has done recordings and performances for various productions and local TV shows.

Djent is Bo’s favourite genre and it is his dream to be a really fast drummer. Teaching-wise, Bo looks forward to cultivate creativity and rhythm in his students, while equally emphasizing rudiments in practices.


Acoustic | Electric | Ukulele

“I want my students to be able to play and enjoy playing the guitar for a lifetime. As a Swee Lee instructor, I hope to ignite a strong passion in students for playing the guitar…”

Multi-talented and multi-dimensional, Azmeey started impressing people around him at the age of 10, on his parents’ karaoke machine, when he discovered a love for singing and a talent for music. Two years later, Azmeey started learning the guitar with an odd classical guitar, which had electric guitar strings on it! He finally got his first electric guitar from his parents, and armed with a book on chords and scales, he started on an incredible musical journey.

Since then, Azmeey has evolved to become an impressive player who is strong in various styles, and his current favourite style of playing is “country metal”, inspired by one of his guitar heroes, John 5.

Even in his secondary school days, Azmeey had always wanted to become a guitar instructor, after deciding that music was the route that he wanted to take in life. He has never looked back on this decision, and absolutely enjoys his time as an instructor, especially when he sees his students progress from being complete neophytes to becoming proficient players.

As someone who believes in making the most out of every moment, Azmeey spends much of his free time practicing and getting better at the guitar every day. He has also mastered the ukulele, and is even learning to play the harmonica now! We have no doubt he is going to master that as well.


Acoustic | Electric | Ukulele

As a curious 8-year old watching his cousin jamming and making music with his own band, Iskandar began taking lessons, learning to play the bass guitar but he found out a few years later that he was actually much better at the guitar. That led him to focus on learning the guitar instead.

Not wanting to just be a guitar player, Iskandar strived to be one of the best around, and with his dedication and incredible talent, he has won memorable awards, such as the Juara Competition organized by Eagle Vision with the band Diversity, in 2002, and winning the Yamaha Asian Beat Competition Singapore with the band Enigmatic in 2003. When the Yamaha Asian Beat Competition went regional in Southeast Asia during 2004, Iskandar achieved even greater success, winning the competition once again, despite facing stronger competition, and even won the Best Guitarist Award for that year.

Well-versed in playing the Blues, Funk, Ska, Reggae and Rock, Iskandar regularly performed with the Ska band Cesspit from 1995 to 2003, and has been very active in the local indie music scene, working with organizations such as The Local Scene Alliance, AKS Upbeat, Red Radical productions, Straits Records and was a regular sessionist for acts such as Fishtank, Moods, Instigator Afro Orchestra, Masia One and The Irietones, Nicholas Conkarah (Jamaica) and Faridah Ali.

In 2011, Iskandar made his decision to become a professional music instructor, so that he could spend time to share his knowledge of the guitar, and also nurture the next generation of musicians. Teaching has proven to be a rewarding experience for Iskandar and he continues to inspire his students everyday.


Acoustic | Electric | Ukulele

An undergraduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, majoring in the Professional Music Degree Program, focusing in Performance studies and Jazz Composition, Khai spent 2 years in the US before deciding to become a full-time instructor, doing something that he immensely enjoys - sharing and imparting his knowledge of music.

Versatile in various styles and genres, Khai enjoys playing Country Blues, Electric Blues, Jazz, Funk and particularly adores Americana music. Before leaving for the US, he performed extensively at popular venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe and the Crazy Elephant Blues Bar, which certainly helped to develop his musicianship further.

Now with Swee Lee Music Academy, Khai aims to inspire and motivate his students in the field of music and be a positive role model as well, because he firmly believes that effective music learning can be fundamental to building positive traits in one’s character as well.