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PLEK Guitar Setup and Refretting Service Email for Quotation
PLEK Guitar Scan Service $49
PLEK Guitar Nut Slotting $149
PLEK Guitar Setup $199
PLEK Guitar Setup and Nut Slotting $249
Electronics Diagnostic and Replacement $10 onwards
Electronics Mods (Coil Spiltting, Mini Toggle Switch) $20 onwards
Broken Neck (Option of touch up) $100 to $150
Dislodged Bridge (Option of touch up) $100 to $150
Electric Guitar Setup $59
Acoustic Guitar Setup $69
Floydrose Guitar Setup $79
Electric Guitar Pickup Installation (Passive) $29
Electric Guitar Pickup Installation (Active) $49
Subsequent Electric Guitar Pickup Installation $10
Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation $79

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Here at Swee Lee Garage, we often wonder how we can improve our existing services whilst providing a customised experience for our customers. Well, the answer is PLEK.

Conceptualised and built by Gerd Anke and Michael Dubach from Berlin, Germany, PLEK was built with the aim of optimising the playability of guitars. The PLEK machine scans and evaluates guitars with consistent high precision for frets dressing, nut and saddle cutting and more.

The scanning module allows us to see the height of every fret and determine issues such as possible fretboard buzzes that could occur due to frets being too high or too low. And with PLEK's Virtual Fret Dressing, not only can we determine how much needs to be cut off from each fret, setting the fretboard radius and amount of fall-off recommended for the guitar, we can also customise and adjust parameters to best suit your individual preferences and play-styles.

At the end of each PLEK session, frets will be polished and the guitars are re-evaluated to ensure the precision and accuracy of the process. A PLEK'd guitar will have an optimised playability and most importantly, a set-up that is specific to your playing. As guitars fluctuate through weather conditions and as you play it - the beauty of PLEK is that we can pull out the exact preferences from your previous PLEK session and adjust it back to the exact settings you had.

Isn't technology amazing?